Friday, 26 August 2016

questions about the Bible

hi guys,

i was reading the bible today and had a thought: not every chapter of every book of the Bible was written with direct inspiration from God. some were letters written to various churches by the apostles counseling or scolding them. the church of rome then, through the various councils they set up at different times, sifted through these letters along with the divinely inspired writings and chose which letters and writings would and which ones would not be appropriate for the Holy Book they were attempting to compile at the time.

raises some questions:
who were these people tasked with handling this most important compilation?
how much integrity did each person have?
how did they decide which books and letters were fit for the 'Holy Bible' and which ones were not?
what were the criteria?
what was wrong with the letters and inspired writings that didn't make the cut?
why are some of these rejected books and letters either really difficult to find, or considered taboo/prohibited reading by the church?

i intend to find answers but if you already know, i would really appreciate if you could enlighten me. thanks.

welcome to the free-thought project

hi guys,

so i've decided that summarizing my thoughts so they fit into 140 characters for twitter is not doing them any justice. for this reason i have started this blog: to better elaborate on thoughts as they come to me.

i was always an exceptional student, but education as we know it did little to help me gain knowledge. so i searched in the pages of novels, on the tv screen, in comic books, wherever i thought i could find it. the more i searched the more i found that my thoughts challenged existing customs, cultures and traditions.

now i realize that in order to gain knowledge, one has to first admit that despite all the knowledge one presumed to have, one knows nothing. the path to enlightenment involves questioning everything you know and seeking the truth from within.

everyday i come to more realizations and i will chronicle these realizations here. for those who seek self-awareness, i hope this blog helps you on your journey to enlightenment and fulfillment.

peace & love.

p.s: i type in all small letters.